Lima, Peru

Machu Picchu

Lake Titicaca

Lima, Peru

Peru is a country blessed with unique heritage, where riches are measured in well-being and harmony with nature. Situated in western South America, it is bordered by Ecuador and Colombia in the north, Brazil is east, Bolivia in southeast, Chile in the south and Pacific Ocean in the west. Peru conjures up images of ancient civilizations in Machu Picchu and Cusco, vast rain forests, powerful Amazon and stunning Andean landscapes.


January 18, 1535


10.7 million

Please see a sample itinerary below. All itineraries are fully customizable.

Trip Inclusions

  • Round trip transportation

  • 7 Night hotel accommodations at a student-friendly hotel

  • Breakfast served daily at your hotel

  • 2 Group lunches

  • 4 Group dinners

  • City Tour of Lima

  • Visit to Pachacamac Ruins

  • Visit to Barranco´s Central Park

  • Visit to The Bridge of Sighs

  • Tour  – Cusco: Full Day Tour to Rainbow Mountain

  • Visit and admission to Machu Picchu

  • Full day tour to The Sacred Valley

  • Full day tour to Lake Titicaca

  • Visit to Uros and Floating Islands

  • Visit to Puno

  • Comprehensive Travel Insurance Upon Request

  • A-Z Travel Tour Manager

  • Private security upon request

  • Free chaperone spaces based upon the number of paying passengers.

  • All taxes and fees for above listed inclusions


Day 1

Morning: Departure and flight to Lima, Peru.

Afternoon: Arrival in Lima Airport where you will meet your travel guide and transfer to the hotel. Check in and freshen up.

Evening: You will have time to rest and enjoy a welcome dinner at a local restaurant.


Day 2

Morning: Enjoy breakfast at your hotel and get ready for a city tour of Lima. You will visit the old and charming Barranco barrio which has fully preserved its authenticity and still is one of the favorite locations for artists and designers. Explore Pachacamac, a thousand-year-old religious site. Learn about Inca, pre-Inca people and much more…

Afternoon: Have lunch at the local restaurant and continue exploring the city… marvel at the pyramid-shaped temples such as the Aboditos temple, the Old Temple and the Painted Temple.

Evening: In the evening you will travel to Cusco. Cusco is an Andean community and former capital of the ancient Inca Empire. Upon arrival you will be transferred to your hotel. Late dinner and rest before your tour to Rainbow Mountain in the morning


Day 3

Morning: In the morning you will travel to Cusipata, where you will have breakfast in a local family house. Following breakfast, you will go on a hike of both flat and uphill leading to majestic “Mountain of Colors”. You will enjoy panoramic views of the valleys, wild llamas, alpacas and vicuñas. If lucky, you might catch site of the condor.

Afternoon: At the top, take a well-deserved break and catch your breath. Take your time to marvel and take in the beauty of this spectacular wonder. You will enjoy delicious lunch on the way back. After tour you will take private transport back to Cusco.

Evening: Have dinner on your own. It´s been a long day, you deserve to rest now!


Day 4

Morning: Wake up and enjoy fresh breakfast at your hotel before you depart to Aguas Calientes. You will stay there for a night to take advantage of fully exploring the magical Inca ruins of Machu Picchu at your own pace. You will discover Temple of Sun, the terraced fields of the agricultural sector, the Intihuatana stone and make sure you take the famous picture from the observatory with the lost citadel behind.

Afternoon: After lunch you will have time to continue exploring Machu Picchu or return to your hotel for rest.

Evening: Find a place of your choosing to have a well-deserved meal! Late return to hotel and getting rest to be ready to return to Cusco in the morning.


Day 5

Morning: After breakfast you will return to Cusco for a Sacred Valley Tour. Stop in Mirador of Taray for spectacular views of Andes and the Sacred Valley.

Afternoon: Visit the archaeological site and see the agricultural terraces, Inca cemeteries and royal buildings. Continue to Urubamba and enjoy a buffet lunch at restaurant. Visit the picturesque village of Chincero on the way back to Cusco and see the remains of the royal estate of Tupac Inca Yupanqui.

Evening: After returning, you will meet for dinner and have time to stroll the city before returning to your hotel for rest.


Day 6

Morning: After breakfast you will travel to Puno.

Afternoon: Arrive at Puno and have a late lunch with your group. After you can choose to rest or explore Puno on your own.

Evening: Enjoy dinner at the local restaurant and get ready for Lake Titicaca in the morning.


Day 7

Morning: After breakfast at your hotel you will travel to Uros Island, where the friendly locals will welcome you to their floating islands built of Totora reeds,

Afternoon: After lunch continue to Taquile Island. Take time to explore the island and admire the beautiful lake views. You will enjoy a break and traditional lunch prepared with products typical of the area. In late afternoon return to Puno.

Evening: After returning, your group will meet for a farewell dinner and time to stroll the city before going back home in the morning.


Day 8

Morning: After breakfast and check out, your group will depart for the Airport! Safe travels back home!


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