Washington, DC – A unique focus on the legal and security institutions that shape the nation. 4 Days

The Capitol Building

The Lincoln Memorial

Washington, DC – A unique focus on the legal and security institutions that shape the nation. 4 Days

DC stands for District of Columbia referring to the land it was built on, Territory of Columbia, which is a 10 mile square piece of land that used to be a part of Virginia and Maryland. DC was established from the US Constitution, which states that the district “not exceeding 10 miles square” would “become the seat of the Government of the United States.”


July 16, 1790



Please see a sample itinerary below. All itineraries are fully customizable.

Trip Inclusions

Highlights and Inclusions:


  • Roundtrip transportation to and from Washington, DC
  • 3 nights stay at student-friendly hotel
  • Breakfast daily
  • 3 lunches
  • 2 dinners
  • 1 Dinner Cruise on the Potomac River
  • Admission to Arlington Cemetery trolley tour
  • Admission to The Newseum
  • Admission to The International Spy Museum
  • Supreme Court visit
  • White House visit from the outside
  • Capitol Building visit
  • Supreme Court visit
  • Visit to the African American History and Culture
  • Guided monuments and memorials tour
  • White House visit for a photo-opportunity
  • Visit to Smithsonian Museum(s) of choice
  • Guided walking tour of DC’s monuments and memorials on the National Mall
  • Private overnight security upon request
  • A-Z Travels Tour Director while in Washington, DC
  • Free chaperone spaces based on the number of paying passengers
  • All taxes, fees, and admissions

Day 1

Day 1: Arrival, Monuments, Memorials and More!


Arrive in D.C., where you will meet your tour guide at the Lincoln Memorial. Reflect and pay your respects to the “Great Emancipator” and pondering his timeless words inscribed on the monument.

Next stops include, the World War II Memorial: Honor the sacrifices made during this significant historical conflict. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial: Pay tribute to the fallen and reflect on the war’s lasting impact. The Korean War Veterans Memorial: Remember the bravery and perseverance of those who fought in this war.


Lunch is enjoyed before continuing to The Washington Monument: Ascend the iconic monument for breathtaking panoramic views of the city The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial is the final stop. Reflect on the legacy of this civil rights leader and his powerful message of equality.


Your welcome dinner is served. Relax and socialize, sharing your thoughts on the day’s visits and their significance.  Check in to hotel.


Day 2

Day 2: Delving Deeper into Security and Justice


Start your day with a delicious breakfast at the hotel.  Become an FBI detective as you immerse yourselves in the world of criminal investigation at the Newseum. Explore interactive exhibits, learn about forensic science and codebreaking techniques, and even crack your own mini-cases!

 Refuel with a nourishing lunch. A Visit to the National Archives is next. See the original Declaration of Independence and Constitution, delve into historical documents, and gain a deeper understanding of the foundations of American democracy.

Explore the International Spy Museum. Uncover the fascinating world of espionage, learn about famous spies and gadgets, and gain insights into intelligence gathering and international relations.


Enjoy a casual dinner at a restaurant. Free time to explore before returning to the hotel.



Day 3

Day 3: Exploring the Legal Landscape. Supreme Court, Library of Congress, Dinner Cruise


Fuel up with a nutritious breakfast.

Walk in the footsteps of legal giants: Take a guided tour of the Library of Congress. Marvel at its architectural beauty, vast collection of books, and historical artifacts related to law and legislation. Learn about the library’s role in supporting Congress and preserving American history.


After lunch, dive into the heart of justice. Embark on a guided tour of the Supreme Court Building. Witness firsthand the grandeur of this iconic structure and gain insights into the judicial branch’s role in American democracy. Learn about landmark cases, the nomination process, and the inner workings of the highest court in the land.

Visit the National Museum of African American History and Culture. Explore exhibits on the legal struggles and triumphs of African Americans, reflecting on the ongoing pursuit of equality and justice.


Embark on a scenic adventure with your classmates aboard a Potomac River dinner cruise! Glide past iconic landmarks as you enjoy stunning views, a delicious meal, and lively entertainment. It’s a perfect blend of sightseeing, delicious food, and fun – creating memories that will last a lifetime!


Day 4

Day 4: Arlington National Cemetery, Tour of the US Capitol Building and Farewell, D.C.!


Remembering American heroes: Visit the Arlington National Cemetery. Pay your respects at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, witness the changing of the guard ceremony, and reflect on the sacrifices made by American service members.

Lunch: Enjoy a farewell lunch at a local restaurant, reflecting on your experiences and newfound knowledge of the American legal and security systems.

Next stop is the White House. Stand in awe of the iconic home to American presidents for over 200 years. From outside, snap photos, learn about its history, and imagine the momentous events that transpired within its walls. It’s a glimpse into the heart of American power and a must-see for any student exploring Washington D.C.


Your final stop is the U.S. Capitol Building.  Your final meal is enjoyed in the Capitol Visitor Center.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the U.S. Capitol Building, where laws are made. Marvel at its impressive architecture, learn about the legislative process through engaging tours or exhibits, and even walk in the footsteps of presidents!  It’s a history lesson and civics experience rolled into one unforgettable adventure.

Begin your safe journey home, taking memories and a deeper understanding of the institutions that shape American life.


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